Hi !

Welcome to my World........

I am Mohit Abkari, born and bought up in Hyderabad a capital city of Andhra Pradesh now known as Telangana which is in India.

I love Nature and Travelling to different places.

My Hobbies are Travelling, Metting people, Understanding different peoples Psychology.

I love Swimming, Playing Table tennis, Cricket, Chess and most of the outdoor Games.

I love to do Social work for the Society which gives me immense pleasure.

What does my Surname Abkari means?

We belong to Pune, and were called PUNEKARS.

We Worked for the Peshwas.

Down South, in Wanparti, the King was unhappy with the way money was handled by his people. Somebody suggested that Maharashtrians from Pune should be given this Job.

The Punekars were called for and finally settled in Wanparti and acquired property in the nearby areas of Kurnool, and hence were called "THE KURNOOLKARS"

The family started its own business of Buying and SellingToddy (Shendi) trees and were also in the money lending business.

The Local dialect called this the "ABKARI"- This is a Urdu word which means Excise Tax (duty). There is a seperate department in the Governement body called "Abkari Department" even now, known for Excise duty.

This is how Journey begin from Punekars-Kurnoolkars-to finally Abkari.